1028 Visual therapy Ultimate Super Black Eyeliner Smudgeproof WATERPROOF REVIEWS

1028 Volume Curl Waterproof Mascara

1028 oil control

1028 Super Shimmering Highlighter Reviews

超吸油嫩蜜粉 [1028 oil cut! ultra longwear pressed powder 5g]

【恆貼 持色 不飛粉】1028 使眼色限量9色眼彩盤 1028 Eye Shadow Palette (Meet Up/ Follow Up)

1028 Eye Shadow Palette (Meet Up/ Follow Up) - 9 Shades Eyeshadow Palette 14g A multi-purpose plate, long lasting. Meet Up Eyeshadow: Red Brick Cocoa Brown x Dream Pink Purple Follow Up: Multi texture meets powder mist x pearly light * 1028 VISUAL THERAPY Follow Up eye-shadows gives you a gorgeous makeup with good quality color finish. * There are nine shades with a unique combination includes satin, matte and shimmer finishes. Made in Taiwan.

1028 visual therapy | how to macaron eyes


1028 超級大眼│Eye眼盤│放大鏡睫毛膏EX版│使用分享│

這樣洗臉才夠仙!1028超綿密泡泡洗面乳 新上市!

你聽過仙女怎麼洗臉嗎!! 仙女不只送公文,還要洗出淨亮滑蛋肌才夠仙😎 回購率Top1 洗面乳再升級🎉 新上市 #1028超綿密泡泡洗面乳 泡泡更細緻綿密😍 洗掉 #乾燥肌 #蠟黃肌 #混合油肌 夏日肌膚依然透亮😆

【開箱實測】一敷即卸!1028. pH7.5 深層清潔眼唇卸妝液

1028的【pH7.5 深層清潔眼唇卸妝液】, 真的像眼淚般的溫和!✨ 不信妳看影片中的模特兒,邊敷邊卸, 完全沒有一・點・點刺激或不舒服的現象!


1028.飛激長瞬翹防水睫毛膏】 ・就EYE飛激長 ・一刷睫毛瞬翹 ・超強定型力 ・瞬翹防水定型膏體 ・極淨飛揚長睫大眼 ・強韌不掉睫 超輕無重纖維 ・根根分明 無限延伸

【這群人X1028 世紀考驗賽 】


1028 Visual Therapy X Butterfly Project | Kawaii + Everday Makeup Tutorial

Getting Ready with 1028

My Macaroni Look by 1028 Visual Therapy

INSTAGRAM Romantic Chocolate Brownie Makeup TUTORIAL || 1028 VISUAL THERAPY COSMETIC


Brownie Inspired Makeup Tutorial ft 1028 | One Brand Malaysian Drugstore Makeup | DaintyDashBeauty

Simple Makeup Tutorial with 1028 Visual Therapy | by Joanne Wee

1028 Visual Therapy 開箱文:One Brand迷你化妝教學哦! 裡面的化妝品都美美的


1028 blogger Review

1028 Longwear Eyebrow Definer

1028 Macaron Eyeshadow Palette

1028 Eyeshadow Palette

1028 Blush Brush Me

1028 x 11street Makeup Tutorial

1028 Visual Therepy Unsee Mesh Compact

1028 Visual Therapy Unseen Mesh Compact

1028 Visual Therapy Longwear Eyebrow Definer

1028 Visual Therapy Comparison Between Unseen Mesh Compact & Nude Cushion Compact

1028 Visual Therapy Moisture Infusion CC Essence Cream

1028 Visual Therapy


Tips & Tricks on my Daily Makeup Routine | Nicole Yie



Avance Lash In Serum Mascara

Club Cosmetics


Blue : Rose fragrance. Green : White floral fragrance. Yellow : Blooming citrus scent Pink : Sakura Scent of beautiful but short blooming cherry blossoms, cherry blossom sweet fragrance. Facial pressed powder improves the appearance of fine lines and blemishes. Contains hyaluronic acid and collagen that moisturise skin and improve skin texture. Contains hyaluronic acid, collagen Cover face wrinkles & pores Wash Free, can use over night Made in Japan CLUB COSME 出浴素顏蜜粉 (粉綠色 - 清甜白花束香) 26g ▶️內含膠原蛋白和玻尿酸,能增加肌膚透明感光滑度,更滋潤嫩滑 ▶️24小時無需卸妝或洗臉,睡眠時作保養亦可,時刻保持迷人狀態 ▶️可於出街前或護膚後使用,護膚同時美肌,展現彷如浸完溫泉既肌膚 ▶️同時有效隔離空氣中刺激物、污染物,如香煙的刺激成份,避免刺激皮膚 ▶️配合清甜白花香味,自然令人煥然一新

CLUB Suppin Skin Lotion FEATURES~~~

【Club Cosmetics】CLUB Suppin Skin Lotion 500ml Club Cosmetic is a over 116 years history cosmetic company base on OSAKA, Japan. Our Face Cleansing Powder have been recognizing in Japan since 1906 and currently using by world wide repeatly consumer Desricption : The Skin Lotion removes dead skin cells, clean pores, andmakes you skin look bright and healthy. Coix Lacryma-Jobi Ma-yuen Seed Extract and Aloe Barbadensis LeafExtract moisturize your skin. Pure grapefruit fragrance. how to use ● Apply this product after facewash and recommeded to use with our Club Suppin Cream Content : 500ml Made In Japan #Lotion #MadeInJapan #Moisture #FaceLotion #BodyLotion #DrySkin #Handcream #SAKURA #NudeSkin #EyelashSerum ■Country of Origin Japan

CLUB SUPPIN CREAM [How To Use] {before n after}

This face cream minimizes the appearance of uneven skin tone and enlarged pores to create brighter, softer, smoother, marshmallow-like skin with a matte finish.

Club Cosmetics Suppin Powder Review

Earth Chemical JELLY

What's the secret of beauty secret!!??[Earth Chemical Placenta C & Collagen C JELLY]

Seven aesthetic ingredients included Placenta extract It is an ingredient that you can feel the beauty with the extract extracted from Placenta called Lifetime Lily. Low molecular weight collagen peptide Collagen is a kind of protein and an essential ingredient in beauty. Elastin Known as a protein present in elastic tissues, it is an important ingredient essential to beauty. Proteoglycan Proteoglycans contained in salmon nasal cartilage extracts are known as components contained in cartilage and the like. Vitamin C It is known as an ingredient required to make collagen and is a vitamin contained in fruit juices and so on. Mangosteen extract This extract is extracted from the skin of mangosteen called the queen of fruits, and contains many polyphenols. Swallow's Nest Extract It is an extract from the nest of the swallow thrush that lives in limited places such as China, and has long been known as an ingredient to support beauty. How to eat and note How to eat Please enjoy one bottle per day as a guide. please note If you do not fit well or food allergies please do not use. Please eat immediately after opening. This product may melt if it gets hot. Although the ingredients may aggregate, there is no quality problem. Do not freeze or heat. The bag may be damaged. Please keep out of reach of children. Do not use for infants and young children. Please be careful not to cut your hand or mouth with a bag or opening.


ENDA Slimming gel (7 daysReviews)

不节食不打针,日本涂抹式溶脂霜,安全高效无刺激‼ ️ 风靡日本瘦身界,上至明星下至网红都在用 ;被称为「脂肪粉碎机」,10天让大腿瘦2.5公分 ;涂完有运动后的舒畅感,却没有运动时的疲惫 ;不仅瘦身,还淡化橘皮,瘦下来肌肤也是紧致的 市面上很多瘦身霜,都只是加快新陈代谢,效果比跑步减肥慢;而ENDA瘦身霜能达到溶脂针的效果,10天腿部瘦2.5厘米 涂在肌肤上也是清爽不油腻的,容易吸收。和一般瘦身霜比,它瘦身效果更强,大牌更安全~ 马来西亚长年夏季出汗多,身体新陈代谢快,用ENDA瘦身霜减肥能达到事半功倍的效果,是时间宝贵的姑娘们最佳的选择 风靡日本,明星网红都在用 ENDA瘦身霜可不是不知名的小众产品,而是日本乐天身体护理类排行榜上第一名的产品。 凭借着功效强、安全性高,成为火遍日本瘦身界的瘦身霜 质感不粘腻,比身体乳还清透 医美溶脂针核心成分 ;加速脂肪燃烧 ;淡化橘皮,紧致肌肤 No diet, no injection, Japanese smeared fat-dissolving cream, safe and efficient !! is called "fat pulverizer", which makes the thigh thinner by 2.5 cm in 10 days. Not only slimming, but also lightening the Cellulite, firming the skin Many slimming creams on the market just speed up metabolism, and the effect is slower than running; while ENDA slimming cream can achieve the effect of lipolysis needles, 10 days help legs 2.5 cm thinner It is also fresh and non-greasy on the skin and easy to absorb. Compared with the general slimming cream, it has a stronger slimming effect and a brand is safe Malaysia all year long with summer, and the body's metabolism is fast. Using ENDA slimming cream to lose weight can achieve twice the result with half the effort. ENDA slimming cream is a well known product, is the first product in the Japanese Lotte Body Care category. With strong efficacy and high safety, it has become a slimming cream that has been used in Japan's slimming world. The texture is not sticky, it is clearer than the body lotion. ; main ingredient in Lipolysis needle ; Accelerate fat burning ;lightening the Cellulite, firming skin


Hadabisei Eye Mask

Hadabisei Eye Mask

Hadabisei Face Mask

肌美精3D面膜评测 Hadabisei 3D Mask Review 可以代替SKII前男友面膜?


Hadabisei Pore Tightening Mask

Hadabisei All In One Mask

Hadabisei 3D Facial Mask

Himawari Hair Care

Himawari Special Movie | Kracie

Himawari Hair Care

Himawari Hair Care

Ichikami Hair Care

Ichikami Hair Care TVC 2018


Ichikami Hair Stick

#nomoremessyhair #ichikami

Ichikami Special Movie | Kracie

Ichikami Hair Care



Kikumasamune Skin Care Review

Kikumasamune Review


Dolly Wink Liquid Eye Liner REVIEWS!!!

Koiji easy lash (how to use)

益若つばさ『Dolly Wink』CM【30秒ver】コージー本舗

Koji C-tive (How to use)

日本新科技雙眼皮膠水 Eyetalk Hybrid Film Very Easy To Use

Koji Eyetalk Super Hold (How To Use)

Eye Talk Strong Eye Tape

Koji Eyetalk (How To Use)

Koji Dream Magic Eyetape

Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner Super Black

益若つばさ『Dolly Wink』CM【30秒ver】コージー本舗



Kracie Epilat - Depilation & Epilation (Unwanted Hair)

[Kevin 想得美] -Kracie



How to Wear PITTA MASK?!?!?!?!

What is porous filter technology? Two proprietary technologies create porous polyurethane material (open microscopic holes). These technologies enable high performance filtration. 1. Cell control technology Controls the cells that make up the polyurethane material so that they form the ideal density and size for trapping pollen-sized particles. In addition, using a 3-D mesh structure allows 99% of pollen to be blocked*. 2. Technology to remove polyurethane's characteristic membrane Complete removal of membrane inhibiting air permeability (cell membrane). This makes possible incredible air permeability not normally seen in polyurethane material. How to use] In order to block pollen, please wear the mask in the correct orientation. 1.Orient the mask vertically, check that top part comes on top, then open horizontally. 2.Pull the ear straps back over both ears. 3.Press down lightly on the mask to make sure it fits without any gaps.

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