Reihaku Hatomugi Whip Foam Face Wash 160ml

Reihaku Hatomugi Foaming Cleanser with natural Italian seed ingredients helps to moisturize and naturally nourish skin, improve dry skin, and effectively prevent acne. 


• Suitable for all skin types, normal skin, oily skin, dry skin, combination can be used. 

Water, glycerin, Na laureth sulfate, PG, sorbitol, lauramidopropyl betaine, PEG-12 laurate, honey bee seed extract, BG, Na hyaluronate, citric acid, denatured alcohol, EDTA-4Na, methylparaben, benzoic acid Na acid, phenoxyethanol, fragrance



Bottle design with spout, helps you get the right amount of milk for better use and storage. Big bottle saver.

Combining optimal skin care ingredients, effectively clean and nourish the skin.

Helps create the most comfortable feeling when used with soft and smooth foam, gently cleans, does not cause pain, tightness after use.

Natural ingredients, no irritating chemicals, safe for the skin.



• Deep cleaning, removing impurities, bacteria, keratinocytes to help open pores, and anti-inflammatory, minimizing the risk of acne formation.

• Provides moisture for soft, smooth skin, prevents dry, flaky skin.

• Supplementing nutrients and micro-minerals in willow seeds for healthy, vibrant skin.

• Cleanse and limit sebum secretion, narrow pores, soften skin. 

• Extracted from natural plants to help fade dark spots, whiten skin day by day, the effect is clearly visible when you use it for 1 month.


User manual:

• Wet your face.

• Pump a small amount of cleanser into your hand, then create a lather with water, gently massage all over the face and neck, paying attention to the oily nose and forehead areas then clean by water.

• Use twice daily for best results. 

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