Eye Talk Hybrid Film Super Matte 5ml

Super matte type, suitable for people with thin to normal eyelids.
• Natural double eyelids can also be created by folding the eyelids without sticking the eyelids.
• Apply as wide as needed to create your desired depth of double eyelids.
• Invisible super matte texture, creating natural double eyelids.
• Contains moisturizing licorice root extract that is gentle on the eye area.
• Alcohol-free and paraben-free formula with a mild scent.
• It can be applied on top of eye shadow products and used after eye makeup is completed for a more natural effect.

How to use:
Use the adjustment stick to determine the position of the double eyelid, which is about 4-6mm above the eyeliner.
• Apply glue to the distance below the eyelid line.
• Close your eyes or keep your gaze down, and as the glue dries, a translucent liquid film will form.
• Slowly open your eyes, and the deep eyes are complete.
• Adjustment sticks are also available.
• Wet a cotton pad and wipe gently to remove.
• Be careful not to forcefully peel it off with your nails or fingers.

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