Hollywood Orchid Enzyme Pack 3′Pcs




Hollywood Enzyme Face Pack 3's 


A long-selling product enjoyed by customers for more than half a century since its launch in 1960. Enzyme Pack boosts the effectiveness of other cosmetics by leaving skin clean and soft. The Mask and Pickup Cream are mixed afresh before each application to harness the effectiveness of enzymes at peak freshness. Good for both face and body


Professional beauty salon. fresh mix immediately before use, enzyme pack to make in the powder + cream.


Boasting a total 5 million or more of sales performance, ultra-long seller released in 1960.By decomposing the dead skin by the action of the enzyme to drop gently, it is a pack that wash away the type used up once.


To be able to feel the effect of the fresh enzyme, and safe use of the enzyme-containing powder and cream from the mix in the bag, and has adopted a special package.


Can remove excess sebum, old horny and dirt and other powder products. Can enhance the efficacy of active enzymes. Protect, soften your skin, so you feel the texture of moisture and Futie.


How to use the:

Apply enough cream and powder mixed well and then avoiding eye area skin transitioned in the provided spatula, etc.. 


After 3 to 10 minutes to remove , please be careful. 

Then wash it with cold or lukewarm water. 

- Please better do not be used on eyes and eyebrows area

-  contact with eyes rinse immediately with cold water or warm water.

-  Do not reuse after opening.


Country of Origin: Japan


日本好莱坞orchid pick up 去角质清洁毛孔酵素面膜3包入




88年歷史的日本著名美容學院hollywood化粧品開發,連續暢銷 58年!!
















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