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现货 日本CLAYGE洗发水温冷spa 海盐头皮清洁护发素清爽套装500ml
CLAYGE - hair care series - Sensational "Clay" & "Relaxation" hair spa Salon quality head spa at home
Point 1: Blended natural clay - Natural clay absorbs dirt of scalp and washes up while hydrating hair and scalp.
Point 2 : Deep Repairing - CLAYGE leads your hair to beautiful from root-to-tip by high quality repairing and moisturizing ingredients.
Point 3 : Healing Fragrance - You can enjoy daily bath time with elegant and tender fragrance.

#Clayge #ShampooS is a Japanese Shampoo with natural Sea Clay for smaooth , shiny hair The lightweight, amino acid-based shampoo has a silicone-free formula blended with natural sea clay to deeply at the scalp.

A selected herbal blend including grape seed, pomegrate, ginseng, ginger, tea tree, and camphor rebalances moisture levels while invigorating the scalp for a head spa-like treatment It leaves scalp refreshed and hair silky smooth .

Floral Musk Fragrance . *Perfect for relaxation* Warm & Cool head spa - Relaxing your scalp and tightening it make your hair condition healthier.
~ Warm Gradually : Camphor - ZingiberOfficinale Root Extract <Moisturizing ingredient> X
~ Refresh the Scalp : Menthol - (Mentha Piperita Leaf Extract) <Cooling ingredient>

How To Try : Warm & Cool Head Spa
Step 1: Shampoo whole hair while foaming
Step 2: Pack the scalp with foam, and them wait a few minutes
Step 3: Wash off completely (1 minute-easy home care) <Refreshing Feel>

Weekly special hair care : - Warm & Cool head spa - 3 Kind of clay - Blended Mannan 3 kinds of claya nd konjac mannari'remove dirt of scalp And warm and cool effect makes scalp condition healthier.
At the same time, they repair damaged hair deeply.
They care both scalp and hair intensively. R4 Bentonite, Moroccan Lave Clay, Sea Silt <Absorbing ingredients> & 5 Glocimannan<Scrubbing Agent> NEW Fresh Cleansing - Salt Shampoo

- This cleansing shampoo is blended salt from Bretagne, France and natural clay. It washes up stickiness and dirt of scalp. Sea salt rich in mineral makes moist and healthy scalp.

Refresh the scalp (Warm & Cool Head Spa)
STEP 1 (sink in) After shampoo, massage it into from scalp to root >>>
STEP 2: (Warm) Put your hair together and leave a few minutes to relax and tighten scalp with rich foaming pack
STEP 3 : (Cool) Wash off completely Mix this product and usual shampoo in the ratio of 1 to 1 and massage your scalp.

That will add rich foaming and a fresh feeling to the finish of usual shampoo.

Shampoo S 500ml
Treatment S 500ml
Shampoo D 500ml
TReatment D 500ml

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