Ai Chan Handmade Beauty Face Mist (Toner) 200ml

Ai Chan Handmade Beauty Face Mist (Toner) 200ml AiChan





All of the beauty ingredients are handmade, so I am very satisfied with this one!


A completely undissolved spray type lotion that Ai-chan who loves cosmetics made after nearly 20 years of research.


Surfactant, alcohol, preservatives, mineral oils, colorants, perfume carry-over components such as (※) not including any 4 kinds of raw materials only was blended by hand in high purity and high concentration.


In particular, Kaninabara fruit extract formulated as moisturizer is proud of gem only carefully extracted water.


Since assumed to be formulated in general cosmetics's uneven raw material concentration, and light comfortable to use the spray lotion unique, I'm combines the surprise of moisturizing such like a beauty solution.


Moreover, although it is a large capacity that can use about 1400 push, it is super affordable reasonable price!


- you can use it very pleasantly even if you spray it directly on the face and the face. Love - chan 's beauty water is a lotion type, it is not just reason to say that it is pleasant. For example, milky lotion and cream. Many of these emulsified products use surfactants when emulsifying, which destroys cell membranes. If the cell membrane is destroyed, it may cause rough skin and moisture inside the cell may leak out, which may also cause dry skin. Also, as for things that have trommi like beauty serum, additives to increase clay are included. 


内容量/size: 200mL

单品个装 / size : 48×178×48 mm(W×H×D)

重量/weight: 246g

製造販売元/made from: 三粧化研株式会社 Japan

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